C. Steven Ellis is a man of integrity and doesn't fall for empty hollow accolades that one gets by winning literary prizes. He eschews such trifles. That is, he would if he'd been offered any. Why don't they like me? Sorry. Ahem, Craig Ellis has had many careers. He was an Agent Trainee at The William Morris Agency, In Movies-Of-The-Week at NBC, a Developement Executive at Fries Entertainment. He has been a Project Mananager, a Sommelier and has watched every Animaiancs Episode available on Blu-ray.

Now he's turned his talents to writing novels. His first novel, The Ford Chronicles: Out of the Frying Pan was well recieved and introduced the world to Ford Edwards, a young man who dreams of being a Three Star Michelin Chef. Now with the publication of, The Ford Chronicles: Off Track, the world can continue to follow the adventures of the reluctant sleuth,